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UK broadband provider trials smart security

Virgin Media UK (VMO2), the television, phone and internet service provider (ISP) recently announced that it has started a trial term for its brand-new “Smart Security” feature.

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What is antivirus, and why do you need it?

As its name indicates, antivirus is a protective software integral to the running of your PC.

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Are your staff using proper password practices?

Company email accounts are frequently targeted by cybercriminals for the valuable information and access they offer.

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Should your staff use free Wi-Fi to reduce mobile roaming costs?

Amongst the many ways business mobile users try to reduce the mobile roaming charges they incur is to take advantage of public Wi-Fi wherever possible.

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Why is multi-factor authentication so important for email?

Private and personal data has become a popular commodity for cybercriminals. From stealing and selling it on the dark web to the highest bidder, to infecting it and demanding ransoms from its owners for a safe return, threat actors have found many ways to exploit data to their financial advantage.

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Four practices to protect your company data

Data is among the most valuable resources a modern company can possess. From essential information employees need to access daily to personal information held on clients and customers, it is

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UK and US advance data bridge deal

The United Kingdom and US are inching closer to an accord that will aid personal data flow across the Atlantic.

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Three tips to consider when backing up data

Being able to always access business-critical data is essential for any operation to run effectively. After all, imagine how your firm would run if you suddenly lost customer details, orders, and payment

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