How can you protect your business from ransomware?

Among the cyberthreats facing companies today, ransomware remains rampant.

A form of malicious software, it can cause chaos for companies that can result in short or long-term consequences. Here, we look at this prevalent menace, and ways you can keep your company protected.

How does a ransomware attack take place?

The most common attack vector for ransomware is when its malicious code is hidden in seemingly safe files and links.

Threat operators send bogus emails to companies and try to trick employees into clicking on a link or downloading a file, having given them the impression that it’s important or genuine.

However, it might also be hidden in a bundle of apps downloaded, or can be planted by accessing a critical vulnerability.

Once ransomware is downloaded, it can affect the computer, and also others connected on the network. A form of crypto malware, it is designed to lock companies out of their own data, devices and systems and stop them from functioning.

The ransomware gang leave a digital ransom note on the attacked computer, stating their financial demand for an encryption key that will unlock their systems and files. If companies refuse to pay, attackers often threaten to release stolen data they obtained during infiltration.

How to protect against a ransomware attack

Strong antivirus can defend your devices against ransomware attack, but keeping your apps and operating systems up-to-date with the latest security patches is also vital. You must also ensure to teach your staff never to download or click on suspicious links and files.

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