Four practices to protect your company data

Data is among the most valuable resources a modern company can possess. From essential information employees need to access daily to personal information held on clients and customers, it is vital that data is always accessible and safeguarded against loss.

Never store data locally

Data stored on a desktop computer is at risk. Instead, store your files on a central server or in the cloud using auto-save options. This ensures that if a machine fails, no data loss will occur as information can quickly be recalled when required.

Protect your data against threats

Use an enterprise-grade antivirus solution to protect your company devices and network. Consider an IT support service to monitor your systems for signs of potential risks and threats that can address any issues before they become data breaches.

Manage power

Ensure all your devices are surge protected. A frequent problem, power surges require control and managing. Your server must have an uninterruptible power supply. This way, if power is lost, it will shut down smoothly, limiting data loss.

Create offsite backups

Whether you use the cloud or a physical storage solution, offsite backups are critical. Complete backups allow companies to restore all their data and reman resilient whether systems are shut down by a natural disaster, technical fault, or cyberattack.

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