Important password protocols to remember in 2024

With a new year stretching out before your business, there has never been a better time to put new protocols in place, and passwords are a perfect place to start.

Passwords are the key that allows admission to your firm’s most important data. Whether they are required to enter a secure server or company email account, or provide remote system access, a strong password is vital. Consider creating a new company policy regarding these critical credentials by reflecting on these points.

Don’t let your staff pick their own passwords

Issue passwords to avoid your team picking easy-to-crack codes, like pet names and dates of birth.

Make sure that passwords are strong, but not impossible for your staff to remember. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) suggests creating passwords from three unrelated words to achieve this aim.

Update passwords regularly

Passwords get shared with other colleagues over time and become less secure. As a result, it’s wise to change them periodically to stay protected. When a member of staff leaves, change any passwords they had access to immediately.

Never use the same password for different accounts

If a password becomes exposed, you can limit risk and harm if it is only used for a single access point. Imagine how damaging it could be if every secure area of your system shared the same password and a malicious individual managed to steal it.

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