UK FinTech secures investment to enhance mobile security

A British FinTech company is providing a robust solution against the threat of personally identifiable information (PII) and financial accounts from the increasing risk of mobile theft.

Nuke From Orbit is a pioneering UK firm at the forefront of its field in mobile device security. Company mobile devices are considered essential kit for most professional enterprises, and represent a considerable risk if left unprotected.

From smartphones and tablets to portable laptop computers, such devices are storehouses for a vast amount of sensitive data. If infiltrated by threat operators, they can result in damaging data breaches for businesses, making security a priority.

Statistics show that in the UK capital alone, every six minutes a mobile phone is reported as stolen, highlighting the usefulness of Nuke From Orbit’s services. The company’s innovative approach enables the immediate invalidation of any stolen data, efficiently securing online accounts, cancelling payment cards and blocking the smartphone’s SIM with one action.

Now, Nuke From Orbit has received a considerable financial injection of £500,000 from investors based in Britain. James O’Sullivan, CEO and founder, commented with enthusiasm on the investment:

“We are thrilled for the support from our investors who believe in our mission to safeguard mobile data. This investment is not just a financial boost, but a propelling force that will catapult us towards expanding our partner base as we gear up to launch our dynamic partner portal.”

The company has stated that it intends to use the newly acquired monies to prepare its innovative technology for a round of public UK beta testing later this year.