Should your staff use free Wi-Fi to reduce mobile roaming costs?

Amongst the many ways business mobile users try to reduce the mobile roaming charges they incur is to take advantage of public Wi-Fi wherever possible.

Most airports, cafes and hotels offer free Wi-Fi services, which helps firms save on data, as well as roaming charges when their staff need to access online tools and emails. While this can be an effective way to control data charges, there are downsides to this approach.

Problems with using free Wi-Fi

While taking advantage of public Wi-Fi may seem like a financially savvy option, it can impact how effectively and safely your team operate. For example, staff need to constantly log in and out of Wi-Fi services, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is not always lightning fast, and with more users accessing a single network simultaneously, slow bandwidth can affect productivity and performance. Most importantly of all, free Wi-Fi connections often lack sufficient security, putting your company’s data at risk.

Reducing roaming costs a smarter way

Many firms find a better solution to combat costs is to pre-plan a service which allows their teams to use data freely, without worrying about any extra charges. At 127 Solutions, we offer a comprehensive telecoms service with a package designed with business mobile users in mind. Featuring competitive deals, flexible contracts and free bill analysis, your business can rely on us for dedicated support. Contact us now for more information.