Why is email security important for your enterprise?

Securing email accounts and the emails they issue is essential for companies to protect their interests, and the data they use and store.

This data can belong to the likes of a company’s staff, customers, collaborators, partners and third-party firms they employ the services of, so it is therefore imperative that it is appropriately protected against issues such as the below:

Hacked accounts

If a malicious account gains access to your company’s email, they are granted the same power your personnel have.

This means they can view, copy, share and delete all information contained in emails, whether they are in inboxes, sent items or drafts. This applies to any attachments included with emails.

Consider how much private data is present in the emails your company sends and receives, and what a hacker could do with information like enterprise account numbers, contracts and agreements with clients and partners.

Hackers can also use email accounts to send malicious messages and pretend they are from your firm. This can harm your company’s professional reputation, and even see it used in phishing attacks against your important customers and contacts.

Avoiding data breaches

If your email accounts are not secured and a data breach occurs, you must report it to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). If it finds your firm has been negligent, it has the authority to fine you. However, if you can prove that you have taken adequate measures to protect the data in your care, this will not apply.

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