UK broadband provider trials smart security

Virgin Media UK (VMO2), the television, phone and internet service provider (ISP) recently announced that it has started a trial term for its brand-new “Smart Security” feature.

This has been designed to provide enhanced internet protection for the user. Initially, the feature will be accessible by a few thousand customers, and ships with VMO2’s newest broadband router, Hub 5, at no additional cost.

While domestic users can benefit from greater internet security in avoiding computer viruses, phishing scams and attempts at financial fraud, the advantages for enterprises can be far more. Business owners have a legal responsibility to safeguard the data they handle, whether it’s used in daily processes, shared with third parties, or stored on file in the cloud.

A failure to provide sufficient security measures can result in hefty fines for firms from regulators like the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), along with a loss of reputation.

The all-new Smart Security solution from VMO2 enables users to both monitor and manage their security online in real-time. It also alerts users to any unusual or suspicious online activity.

According to ISP’s press release, its Smart Security feature is designed to protect any connected devices. This includes smartphones and even video doorbells. It can actively fend off a range of cyber-attacks, including ransomware strikes and data theft.

The current trial will empower thousands of users to monitor security across the whole of their network, and view what threats have been blocked via their browser.

The security feature will automatically be installed on the Hub 5 Router, and eligible users can active their trial using VMO2’s Connect application.