What is antivirus, and why do you need it?

As its name indicates, antivirus is a protective software integral to the running of your PC.

This software has been developed to detect and effectively remove viruses and other types of malwares from your enterprise’s desktops and laptops. Below, we will explore why this product is essential for businesses today.

Understanding malware

Malware, short for malicious software, is code designed to negatively affect your company’s devices, and the private and personal data that you store on them. Your computers can be infected by malware when it is inadvertently downloaded. It can be hidden inside an attachment that looks like a harmless Word document, for example, or triggered when a malicious link is clicked in in a phishing email.

It can also be picked up from a portable drive plugged into a device, or simply during a visit to an infected website.

After it’s made its way onto your company’s computers, malware can perform a wide range of tasks depending on its design. It can steal data, erase it, or lock you out of it with encryption. It can lie dormant on your machine and spy on your staff, or log their keystrokes to get private passwords and access email accounts or secure parts of your site.

How does antivirus work?

Fortunately, antivirus can detect malware and quarantine, or delete any malicious code immediately, effectively preventing malware from wreaking havoc on your devices.

At 127 Solutions, we supply business grade antivirus you can count on as part of our IT support service, and can monitor your systems and manage your updates to ensure your computers stay free from threats.

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