Three tips to keep your team secure online in 2024

Experts agree that the biggest cybersecurity vulnerability most companies have is their staff.

From using weak passwords and clicking on malicious links, to being misled by phishing operators, there are a range of threats originating from employees.

While errors can always occur, best practices can stop minor issues turning into expensive data breaches for your firm. Here, we offer some tips to keep your team secure.

Use strong and separate passwords

Avoid letting you personnel pick their own passwords.

Instead, issue suitably strong passwords for individual employees, and never use the same password for multiple devices, accounts and servers.

Password manager software can suggest tough-to-crack passwords, or you can create robust but easy to remember options by combining three memorable words (as advised by the National Cyber Security Centre).

Ensure devices are running updated apps, operating systems and software

Its vital that you install updates as soon as they are released. Updates contain critical security patches that fix discovered vulnerabilities and help prevent hackers exploiting them and accessing your devices and networks.

Provide cybersecurity training

Instruct you staff on the potential threats of phishing and other cyberattacks.

Ensure they know who to report incidents to, and to never click on suspicious links or download files sent from an unknown source. Offer regular training to keep them up to date with the latest threats.

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