Why regular antivirus scans are a must

Malware attacks can threaten your firm at any moment.

The best way to protect against them is to ensure you have active and effective antivirus installed on your company’s desktops and laptops.

Once in operation, antivirus works in the background to prevent the potential havoc and harm malicious code can bring. Read on to learn why routine scans are essential for your business to become cyber secure.

How often should antivirus scans be run?

Conducting an antivirus scan each week can ensure your computers are always free of malware infections.

Even a basic scan using enterprise grade antivirus software can examine a company device computer for any signs of suspicious or dangerous activity.

However, for firms with web users that download files and apps frequently, consider running a virus scan at least twice a week. It is always smarter to err on the side of caution, especially when company or personal data belonging to customers and staff might be at risk.

What are the risks of malware?

Malware infections can negatively impact computer performance at a loss of productivity and profit, but also expose confidential information.

Depending on the malware installed on your firm’s system, a computer virus can slow browsing speeds, freeze or entirely crash your system, affect network connections, alter settings, or enable unauthorised access to your system resources and data.

At 127 Solutions, we provide dependable antivirus software as part of our standard support package. Contact us today to keep your computers clean of infection.