Gloucestershire broadband operator reveals plan for FTTP network

Netomnia has now covered close to a million UK premises with its 10Gbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network.

However, the Tewkesbury-based network operator, which enjoys support from internet service provider YouFibre, recently revealed that its network is also enjoying an upgrade to deliver network technology company’s ADTRAN’s 50Gbps kit.

The Netomnia network presently covers more than 730,000 premises across over 70 cities and towns in the UK, and is expected to extend its reach to one million premises throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland soon. It has accrued approximately 65,000 customers through YouFibre.

Despite its status as a new alternative network (AltNet), the network operator has already earned a reputation for pushing past the boundaries of broadband performance in Britain via its XGS-PON powered FTTP network. Evidence of its efforts was seen last year when its collaborator YouFibre rose to become one of the few providers to introduce an 8Gbps package for users.

The initial aim of the plan is to use 50G-PON to underpin YouFibre’s 8Gbps packages, but also to empower Netomnia to operate at a faster rate in the future. As a result, as the company expands it will get a competitive edge over most of its rivals. However, competition always evolves, with changes in the market that could see Netomnia’s plans influence the strategies of others in the industry.

ADTRAN has now confirmed that Netomnia is its first customer for the new 50Gbs platform. Experts have weighed in that while the achievement is remarkable, given the operators record for driving forward broadband in Britain, it comes as no surprise.