Why clicking buttons when IT issues arise causes more problems

Even the most tech savvy user may experience times when they encounter an issue with an app or their device that they have not come across before. When technology does not behave as expected it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you have a lot of work on your plate.

A common reaction when screens get stuck, or programs are slow to load, is to click buttons continuously in the hopes of alleviating an issue. However, while this knee-jerk response is understandable in such irritating situations, it should always be avoided. Read on to find out why.

Slows down apps and operating systems even more

Clicking buttons repeatedly in answer to slow or inactive apps or processes can cause greater delays. Relentless clicking only gives a computer more tasks to perform. With limited processing power to draw upon, as tasks mount up, the device will become overloaded, and each request takes longer to perform. As a result, the fewer clicks you perform, the less time a process is likely to take.

Consequences of clicking on the wrong buttons

While random clicking is a default response of frustrated users, it can have a negative impact. Those who lack IT experience may not understand that settings options are not always user-friendly. For example, if they accidentally open the Windows Registry Editor and delete entries with their mouse clicks, they can render their PC useless.

Never randomly click when an issue arises. Instead, contact IT experts like our team at 127Solutions today and avoid doing more harm than good.