Why organising your PC is so important

Personal computers are now considered everyday equipment for enterprise offices. However, most users still only understand the operations they require to perform their daily tasks.

An often overlooked area of computer use is organisation, but keeping desktops, folders and directories in an orderly state has many benefits for users and the companies they work for.

Enhanced workflow

Computers can quickly become chaotic to use when disorganised. Desktops littered with random shortcuts, files, folders, and text documents become cluttered, making it difficult for users to complete the tasks they need to perform. This results in a chaotic and inefficient workflow.

Implementing a tidy file system can streamline the way you work. Creating subfolders in directories such as Documents rather than leaving them on your desktop is better housekeeping. If shortcuts are necessary, categorise them and keep them in folders for neatness.

Keeping data safe and accessible

Maintaining an organised machine is also important for data security and compliance. Regulators insist that all personal data handled by enterprises remains protected against harm, yet easily accessible if a data subject requires it. A chaotic file system can lead to data loss or disclosure and can render files unavailable when requested. However, when all information being used and stored is kept in its allocated area, it is easy to find when needed and can be given sufficient protection as required.

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