Cornish businesses to receive high-speed broadband

Companies in Helston, Cornwall will be getting access to brand new super-high-speed broadband as part of a plan worth £50m to offer faster internet speeds across the Duchy.

Wildanet, a Cornish-based provider, recently revealed that it will now be working to fit full-fibre internet, which will be available to around 6,000 premises based in Helston. As a result, both residents and businesses located in the town will experience vastly improved upload and download speeds.

The broadband provider was formed in 2017 and operates out of nearby Liskeard. It is investing a total of £50m to construct an all-new network that will connect many parts of the Duchy that still suffer from a lack of fast and reliable internet. A bonus of the endeavour is that the extensive project will create many new jobs as part of the process.

At Helston’s Town Council meeting last month, community liaison manager for Wildanet, Amanda Pennington, spoke about the upcoming installation at a meeting held by Helston Town Council. She commented on how much more reliable people have become on the internet since Covid, noting that the new broadband will make upload and download speeds the same, thus facilitating the use of communication platforms like Zoom and Teams.

She added that Wildanet will also help make local people aware when work is set to take place in areas close to their businesses and homes. The Town Council will also publish dates and places of installation works being conducted throughout Cornwall on a weekly basis via its Facebook page.