Ultrafast ISP fails to connect Northumberland village

According to a recent report issued by the BBC, ISP firm Factco promised to provide ultrafast broadband to the Northumberland village of Stocksfield.

However, in three years, the firm has not managed to connect a single premises in the area, and is now facing heavy criticism.

As part of the government’s Project Gigabit scheme to supply fast and efficient broadband to all parts of the country, Factco was given the contract to ensure Stocksfield properties were connected in January 2021.

However, no connections have been made in three years.

The ISP (internet service provider) pledged that 700 addresses in the village would be connected in a time frame it described as the “near future.” Residents have commented that the introduction of full fibre was appealing, as many in Stocksfield struggled with poor internet speeds. Understandably, this led to a great deal of excitement when the project was announced.

However, on the third anniversary of the project, residents are now referring to the endeavour as a mess, with no connections having been made since 2021. Since it began, deadlines have continuously shifted, and a wide range of excuses for delays have been cited by Factco.

A spokesperson for the government commented:

“The supplier (Factco) will only receive funding once connections are live, and residents and businesses confirm that they have received and are content with the new service.”

Every road in the village has been dug up at least once, and many excavated multiple times over the last three years.