What is the best way to avoid deleting important data?

Whether you’re rushing to meet a deadline or distracted by a colleague, an incorrect keystroke or mouse click can result in a deleted file.

Sometimes, a file deletion is not down to user error, but is the result of a cyberattack. Regardless of the reason, you’ll need a way to recover your data.

Whether it’s due to an everyday mistake that anyone can make, or a malicious attack, a deleted data file is ranked as one of the most common issues users reach out to IT support for. Thankfully, it is usually an easy error to avoid.

Simple recovery

If you immediately realise your mistake, the first place to search for your data file is inside your recycling bin.

If you haven’t emptied it recently, you’ll be able to quickly recover your file and restore it to your documents folder or desktop as required. However, if your data was deleted with malicious intent, it is unlikely to be sitting in your recycling bin.

Account for errors

With an understanding that errors and attacks occur, your company should prepare for such possibilities.

You can protect against unwanted deletion by employing software that syncs your computer with cloud storage – Dropbox and OneDrive being among the most popular solutions.

Using such software, a copy of the files you are working on are saved instantly in the cloud, including your most recent changes. If you accidentally delete a file from your device, you can swiftly retrieve an up-to-date replacement and lose none of your work.

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