How to troubleshoot young printer problems

Sadly, printers are renowned for posing mysterious problems that can range from reducing the speed of company computers to failing to perform their primary function of printing. Read on for actions to take in instances where your team come across such issues.

Impacting computer speed

Many users are unaware that printers can sometimes be the cause of a decrease in the processing speed of computers. To identify if this is this case, you must first disconnect and then uninstall the printer from your device and test to check whether the process has made an impact. If you find that the printer’s absence from your network increases the speed of your machines, contacting your IT support team for a technical investigation and diagnosis is always advised.

Refusal to print

When printers won’t carry out their key role, there are a wide range of possible causes. The first step is to heck all physical connections. Ensure that the power cable is inserted into the wall and switched on, and that the printer’s USB cable is correctly connected at both ends.

If you are using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, check that your devices are paired properly with one another. If these checks fail to resolve your issue, plug your machine in using USB to see if this works. You can then at least tell whether the problem is the printer or your wireless connection.

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