How to avoid forgotten passwords

An issue firms often contact IT support for is forgotten passwords. A regular occurrence in some workplaces, it often occurs when staff return from a break and haven’t used their access credentials for some time. Unable to access their company email account or important files, users experience considerable disruption to their daily duties.

While IT support can retrieve access for users, the best solution is to avoid the issue of forgotten passwords in the first place. To achieve this, a sound password strategy is necessary that ensures access credentials can always be recalled.

Strong but easy-to-remember passwords

The first option is to use a robust password that is hard to crack but simple to recall. The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre advises picking three unrelated words that form a sentence. For example, “rocket, Constantinople, bear” becomes “rocketConstantinoplebear”.

The Bruce Schneier method is another approach. Select an easy to remember sentence and take the two initial letters of each word to form the password. For instance, “My top Scottish pub is the Jaggy Thistle” becomes “MytoScpuisthJaTh”.

Using password managers

Another alternative which can remove any risk of forgetting credentials is to use a password manager or similar software. These solutions allow firms to generate all the strong passwords they require for staff and store them securely in a digital vault. Multiple recovery options are offered with such systems to ensure passwords can always be recovered quickly when a user forgets them.

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