Broadband infrastructure provider extends network

British infrastructure company UK ISP Glide Group is extending its full fibre broadband network. This comes as a result of the understanding that UK business’s demand for ever-expanding bandwidth is constantly on the rise. By constantly improving its network infrastructure, it aims to ensure it is both gigabit and terabit capable so it can meet the needs of its customers using sustainable methods that require which less energy-intense technology.

The company has noted that it is witnessing an annual increase of around 15% on network demand and, in response, is upgrading more of its “legacy network” kit based in BT exchanges throughout the UK. The work is focused on improving hardware, reducing electricity consumption, and enabling its expansive network to support speeds of between 10 to 100 Gbps.

Currently, Glide is deploying its Dark Fibre network across the country, which has meant that it needed to make certain that its hardware in parts of the network had the capacity to empower end users to access greater speeds when they needed to.

Working closely alongside its network architects, the broadband infrastructure provider said that it had recently identified specific BT exchanges that were comprised by using legacy technology. Part of previous acquisitions of the internet service providers Warwicknet and Cablecom, the exchanges feature limiting and energy-hungry router kits, which Glide believe require replacing.

Work has already begun on the project. Many parts of the network are already refurbished across the UK, including upgrades to the south coast, Midlands, Bristol, as well as locations further north like Edinburgh and Newcastle.