Why do your devices need antivirus?

Antivirus software is designed to protect your company’s machines against computer viruses along with other types of modern malware, like spyware and ransomware. Read on to learn more about this critical solution for enterprise devices.

Malware has serious consequences

Without antivirus, computers are at risk of malware. If machines become infected with this insidious software, the results can range from irritating to disastrous. At the low end of the scale, malware can slow down computers but in worst-case scenarios they can lead to corruption or deletion of stored information, as well as data and identity theft.

Updating antivirus is essential

Antivirus can only stop these threats if it updated regularly. Every day, thousands of new viruses are unleashed and detected, so protective software providers are constantly revising their solutions. As a result, to remain effective you must install software updates as soon as they become available, ensuring they can cope with the latest threats.

How antivirus works

Antivirus detects and then disables malicious programmes. It scans email attachments and checks files as users open them, ensuring they aren’t infected. It also performs routine scans of files and systems on your device. Some solutions offer additional features, like suspicious sites and scanning connected USB drives.

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