Ultrafast broadband to become accessible for thousands in Oxfordshire

Thousands of businesses and homes based in rural areas around Oxfordshire will now be able to access brand-new broadband with lightning-fast speeds, thanks to £26.5 million worth of support.

The gigabit-capable broadband access is intended to ensure enterprises and households no longer have to struggle under restricted bandwidth. It is hoped that Oxfordshire businesses will have the chance to ramp up their productivity levels without the common service disruptions that have become associated with the area’s ageing copper wiring networks.

The fresh investment in Oxfordshire’s broadband comes part of the UK government’s five-billion-pound initiative known as Project Gigabit. It aims to make sure that Britons have dependable access to high speeds of broadband regardless of where they work, study and live.

Sir John Whittingdale, the UK’s Minister of Data and Digital Infrastructure, commented:

“The ambition is to get gigabit broadband everywhere. We’re looking at alternatives for the most difficult and remote homes as it’s not practical that we’ll manage to get fibre there. Work is set to start early next year.”

Gigaclear, the rural full fibre broadband provider, will soon roll out access to high-speed connectivity for business and residential premises based in both South and North Oxfordshire, in a move to transform the area’s broadband dependability and top speeds.

Another element of the substantial investment will see Gigaclear make good on its commitment to providing a series of apprenticeships and professional skills workshops to Oxfordshire residents. This will aim to kick-start careers for locals surrounding the UK telecommunications industry.