Why do you need to update your drivers?

Every single device that you connect to your computer, from a mouse or a keyboard, to a webcam or printer, needs a program called a driver to work.

Put simply, the role of drivers is to tell your work computer how it should use connected devices. When these drivers become out of date, it can have a negative impact. Your machine might slow down, for example, and connected devices will fail to function correctly.

Why are driver updates so important?

Above, we mentioned that out-of-date drivers can affect computer speed and connected device functionality.

Specifically, they can cause hardware and software conflicts leading to malfunctions and errors, and updates can prevent such compatibility issues.

However, there are more critical reasons for running the most recent editions of driver. Updates enhance cybersecurity for your device as they include security patches for known vulnerabilities, which effectively reduce the risk of cybercriminals exploiting weaknesses in your system.

Manual and automatic driver updates

If your work computer runs on Windows or Mac OS, you might find that your drivers are updated automatically as soon as new version becomes available.

However, there can be instances where drivers must be updated manually. At 127 Solutions, we understand that while essential, IT admin can be tricky to stay on top of when it isn’t your speciality. As a result, we provide managed IT support that allows our clients to trust us to keep their hardware and software secure and up-to-date, and much more.

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