UK operator to offer faster upload speeds for small businesses

With an understanding that the highest levels of connectivity are essential to running a small business, Virgin Media O2 recently announced it will be boosting upload speeds across its business broadband service. This will be free of charge for all its existing customers.

When making its new offer, the provider quoted survey data from Ofcom, the UK’s communication’s regulator. The research demonstrated that around 33% of small and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using a broadband connection believe that internet connectivity has become more important for businesses than ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

Virgin Media O2 also noted that SMEs are a key asset to the British economy. At the beginning of 2022, firms in this category accounted for 60% of employment and 50% of the private sector’s turnover. Additionally, as connectivity is the foundation of most SMEs’ operations, the operator asserted that it was vital they are equipped with a fast and dependable connection to improve how their business operates, including both employee and customer experiences.

The new offering for Virgin Media O2 customers using Voom 800, Voom 600, and Gig 1 packages will see them enjoy swifter upload speeds, empowering them to spend more working hours on matters of importance to their business. The provider confirmed that both existing and new customers are now able to access download-to-upload ratio speeds of 10:1 across all available Voom packages, allowing them to access data files at even faster speeds, while also increasing business efficiency and productivity.