Setting up Office 365 Email on Outlook for Mac

Do you need help configuring Office 365 Email on Outlook for Mac?

We’ve detailed the steps to follow along with a helpful how-to video below. 

Step 1
Open Outlook and then go to the Outlook Menu  (if this is your first time opening Outlook it will go straight to the Add Account Window Step4).

Select Preferences.

Outlook Menu Preferences

Step 2

Select Accounts

Outlook Preferences

Step 3

On the Accounts window click on the plus and New Account.

Outlook Account Window

Step 4

Type in your email address and click continue.
Add Account

Step 5

On the next window enter your Office 365 password and click Sign In.

Outlook Office 365 Password

Step 6

Provided the Password has been entered correctly the windows should appear saying the account has been added successfully, click Done

Outlook account added

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