Telecoms company announced new wave of FTTP exchanges

UK telecoms giant Openreach recently issued news that another step toward full fibre from copper connections has been taken.

The company supplied information of 46 exchanges being added to its FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) Priority programme. The new batch will cover a total of 344,931 UK premises, and is the 15th set to date included in the initiative.

For those unaware, the programme is designed to shift users from part-fibre and outdated copper wiring connectivity to Openreach full-fibre. For every individual exchange, a date is established, and if Openreach’s full-fibre coverage for an exchange reaches over 75 per cent by the set date, the process of FTTP Priority activates.

In simple terms, if users can access Openreach FTTP and place a migration order, or launch a brand-new service, the telecoms provider will try to supply the service via their full fibre. The aim is to drive take-up in different areas of the country, so that eventually, in years to come, the copper-wire infrastructure can be completely deactivated in such places.

The total list is around 920 exchanges long, and network experts are mapping these alongside relevant stop sell dates. Additionally, postcode search functions on broadband comparison sites are also aware of the established FTTP Priority programme.

To keep in step with rivals, UK companies require broadband services that offer dependable connections and fast speeds. With more business processes conducted online and an increasing number of applications updating in real time, poor broadband can have a negative impact on an enterprise’s attempts to operate effectively.