Openreach to offer affordable broadband upgrades to ISPs

Openreach, the leading UK network access provider, recently announced a brand-new special offer on bandwidth modification for British-based internet service providers (ISPs). Essentially, it makes the process of upgrading customers on FTTC and SOGEA broadband to an 80Mbps maximum download and 20Mbps upload speed more affordable.

The new deal from Openreach will be offered for a six-month period between September 4, 2023, and March 4, 2024. It is designed to help UK broadband providers upgrade their customers who are on slower packages like 18/2Mbp and 40/10Mb and offer them an 80/20Mbps service via hybrid fibre lines.

During this term, Openreach will also waive the standard bandwidth modification charge, which also applies to bulk upgrades. It will also offer discounted rental prices allowing previous lower rental prices to remain in place for a period of six months from when the bandwidth upgrade order is completed.

Furthermore, broadband ISPs that don’t want to be charged for the full 80Mbps rental fee from the end of the six-month rental period can do this, but must place an order requesting to downgrade back to slower speeds from the appropriate date.

The Openreach promotion may be appealing to businesses and residents in areas where no modern FTTP broadband options exists. However, the usual restrictions regarding FTTC lines still apply, because of signal deterioration over a distance. Put simply, some premises may struggle to achieve the top speeds on FTTC lines, which will reduce the benefits of the offer.