Is your office broadband the best it can be?

Speed and reliability are key factors when it comes to office internet.

Here, we look at some simple ways to enhance your use of broadband at your business’s premises.

Setting up your router

Always select a central location to set up your router, and position it as high up as you can, with no signal obstructions nearby.

While routers aren’t the most attractive objects, disguising it or hiding it in a drawer can impact its performance.

Keep your router close to your computers where possible. The shorter the distance between your broadband and hub, the better.

Try wired over Wi-Fi

If your internet connection is lagging, consider connecting your company’s devices to your router via an ethernet cable. This more direct approach can offer a stronger and more dependable service.

Deactivate Wi-Fi on unused devices

In your office, you might have multiple devices connected to the internet simultaneously – but some may not be in use.

Consider switching off your Wi-Fi on laptops, tablets and smartphones that aren’t needed around the clock to give your broadband an extra boost.

Upgrade your current broadband

Full fibre broadband is now more readily available than ever, thanks to the government’s initiative to provide increased accessibility to UK businesses and homes.

You can look to our technical team to get your speeds up to scratch. From installation and competitive pricing to unlimited downloads, we have packages designed for growing businesses.

Contact us today at 127 Solutions for fast, dependable broadband for your business.