How to minimise the number of PC notifications you receive?

The default settings for most Windows operating systems will involve automatic notifications appearing on your monitor. As a result, when you first open your PC, you will be accosted by at least two or three notifications. These will remain in place until you acknowledge that you have read them.

For the most part, these notifications are not useful, especially if they concern an application or service you don’t use as part of your daily workflow. As a result, they can quickly become an irritation and slow down ability to get cracking on your workload.

Fortunately, there is quick fix that can limit how many notifications your operating system sends you.

Where to reduce your notifications

The first step is to open the dedicated notifications panel on your screen’s bottom-right corner, marked by an icon that looks like a message bubble. Once open, click “Manage notifications” located at the top of the panel. You can now choose to remove all notifications or retain some from specific apps.

Adjusting your notifications settings

If you would like to receive no notifications whatsoever, then you can simply switch off the toggle button located below “Get notifications from apps and other senders”. This will effectively disable all notifications.

However, if you only seek to block notifications from certain apps, scroll down and deactivate the button next to each feature and app you would rather not be notified about.

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