How can you reduce background data usage in Windows?

When you upgrade your Windows operating system, you may notice an increase in data usage.

With each new version, Windows is constantly evolving, and the latest editions are updated far more often than their predecessors, with core updates bigger than ever before. On top of this, many new features and applications added are using data in the background so they can provide real-time updates.

However, if your company network has a plan featuring limited data or you want to avoid Windows using data in the background that might impact your foreground applications for work, it is always a smart move to set your connection to metered. When Windows is configured to a metered connection, it will only download priority updates and applications, and use data, when they are operating in the foreground.

To get set up, first go to the Start Menu and navigate to Settings. Once here, you can click on Network & Internet to open the panel. Then, you should click on Wi-Fi located in the left panel and select your network. Now, simply activate the toggle button below marked “Set as metered connection” and you will have enabled it.

From this point on, Windows will treat your connection as metered and minimise data being used in the background. However, if you should connect to another connection, just remember that you will have to follow the same steps once more to set it up as metered.

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