Broadband network specialist reaches key milestone

Openreach recently published a report in its network traffic data displaying its broadband infrastructure, with the network illuminated to never-before-seen levels.

Simultaneously, the company announced that its all-new full-fibre network is available to around 12.5 million businesses and residential premises across the UK. This number represents an important milestone for Openreach, as it’s also the halfway point in its ambitious nationwide plan to reach a total of 25 million premises before 2027.

To date, the company has invested £15 billion in its full-fibre access infrastructure project. The initiative is designed to deliver fast broadband that can meet the needs of our modern world. Openreach said that evidence of the need for the critical upgrade is unquestionable. Statistics from the company show that approximately 1.8 million terabytes worth of data is used on the Openreach network every week.

Openreach also stated that in 2022, use of broadband hit record levels, and that data consumption is rising each year, as the technology we adopt becomes more important to our lives and more complex. It cited social changes too, such as people now being allowed to work flexibly from home as a key example.

To remain competitive, companies based in all parts of the UK require broadband services that are fast and dependable. Today, slow speeds and internet outages can translate into huge financial losses for firms, making obtaining the best service available critical to any firm seeking to remain resilient and succeed in their sector.

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