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IT Support in Wrexham

A prosperous city in North Wales, situated close to the Cheshire County border and between the Lower Dee Valley and the Welsh mountains, Wrexham today stands as a successful centre for manufacturing and other industries, with businesses serving North Wales, the Welsh borderlands and beyond. Within its inner-city areas, Wrexham also has many local enterprises delivering specialist services to those who live and work in its vicinity.

From manufacturing firms to professional accountants, modern businesses require reliable technology they can count on. From providing a seamless experience for website visitors to using the latest phone systems to provide attentive customer service, the latest advances in IT help businesses build their reputation. However, hardware and software solution running at optimum allow their teams to work productively while staying secure, keeping companies competitive and protected. At 127Solutions, we provide SMEs from a diverse range of sectors with IT support in Wrexham. Whether you need ongoing or instant support, you can count on us.

Support tailored to your firm

Different businesses that need IT support in Wrexham require different levels of technical assistance. For instance, some companies may have a small IT staff that can manage day-to-day problems, while other firms just have a single responsible person with minimal expertise who requires professional support. Consequently, we supply different packages for IT support in Wrexham that are specifically engineered to answer different needs. This means that your Wrexham enterprise can opt for a basic package or a fully managed solution as required.

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A comprehensive IT support package is designed to provide peace of mind for busy firms that need a professional service to take care of all IT for their company and features expert engineers always ready to offer aid. Enterprises can trust our experienced team to make sure that their business processes are never disrupted by an IT issue. An added benefit of this package is that it comes at a fixed cost per month with no extra charges. For instance, when an on-site visit is necessary, your firm will never face a call-out fee.

Even the smallest technical problem can result in significant delays for firms, leading to losses in both profit and productivity. However, with managed IT support in Wrexham you can access technical assistance rapidly and return to normal operations. Managed services involve proactive monitoring and maintenance of company computer systems and applications ensuring that problems are identified earlier before they cause disruption.

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What service will you receive with IT support in Wrexham?

IT asset management is the cornerstone of standard IT support. This process ensures that a firm’s IT assets (hardware and software) are properly accounted for, upgraded, maintained, deployed and disposed of when required. A standard IT support package will also cover telephone and remote IT assistance, including help regarding remote access to company devices when teams participate in hybrid working. Companies also benefit from support against cybercriminals’ activity, with active device and system monitoring and the application of security patches. More advanced packages deliver enhanced support and a higher level of protection. As mentioned, visits are inclusive as are annual audits of your enterprise’s IT systems, which supply an in-depth review and expert recommendations.

System security for your Wrexham business

Today, data is regarded as being among the most valuable assets of any successful business. As a result, regulators have put strict controls on data privacy, making companies responsible for the information they use and retain on file. Additionally, data is also in the sights of cybercriminals who deploy ransomware and other malware attacks against firms to steal information and profit.

To this end, IT support also covers IT security assistance. Comprehensive packages include antiviruses to keep company machines free from infection and operating effectively. IT support is able to monitor devices and operating systems for attempts at penetration, and ensures that software in use is always up to date so it does not become vulnerable to an attack. Updates commonly include security patches to fix weaknesses that can be exploited by attackers. Busy firms often neglect to install updates immediately, but with IT support, this important task is always completed as soon as possible.

Find first-class IT support in Wrexham today

If you require IT support in Wrexham for your business, our team at 127Solutions is ready to help. We provide expert services to suit the needs of our clients who feel safe in our capable hands, knowing that whether they need immediate or regular support, they can rely on us.

Located in Hooton, we are less than half an hour from Wrexham by car, so should you require onsite assistance we are always close by. We pride ourselves on providing a rapid response when our clients need to get back up and running fast, so reach out to us now and select the best level of support for your business.

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