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Business broadband North Wales

With over one hundred active enterprises, two universities, three enterprise zones and access to international airports, it’s not hard to see how North Wales has become a business powerhouse for the UK. Companies of all kinds can be found thriving in localities like Deeside, Wrexham, Bangor, and Rhyl, operating in sectors like engineering and advanced manufacturing.

Accessing quality broadband has never been easier

Regardless of their area of expertise, all companies require fast and reliable broadband to function effectively. Enterprises are increasingly reliant on the quality of their internet connection, using it to communicate with customers and collaborators, browse for information, back up data, provide online services, host company websites and use web-based applications.

As a result, accessing high-quality business broadband in North Wales can make or break a company.

Business grade broadband for growing SMEs

To answer the individual needs of enterprises in North Wales and ensure they run effectively, we supply a wide array of broadband solutions. Today, full-fibre connections are becoming more widely available than ever, allowing us to help you access a service that suits the size of your team.

As your staff expands, more company devices will be connected to the internet, which can slow down productivity. We can provide fast and strong connectivity so you can have multiple users engaged in online activities simultaneously, with no impact to your operation.

Your team can browse online, conduct video conference calls, access data in the cloud and use apps concurrently with no loss of speed.

Cables Connected on Server
red white and green wires

Cost-effective business broadband

Improving the bottom line is a constant aim for companies keen to remain competitive.

To help, we offer broadband at prices that rival alternatives while delivering value for money. For instance, our solutions have uncapped downloads and involve a professional installation by a trained engineer.

Due to the high-quality connectivity offered, companies can also run a VOIP phone system, reducing their communication costs while improving security.

Do you need dependable business broadband for a North Wales firm?

We understand that finding the ideal business broadband package that suits your company needs isn’t always easy.

To streamline the process, we’ve created a competitively priced comprehensive solution that answers the essential requirements every business needs to succeed.

From our headquarters in Hooton, Cheshire, we’re also well placed to serve your firm with an expert installation and swift support when an issue occurs.

To discuss what you’re looking for from business broadband in North Wales, contact our technical team at 127 Solutions and book a discovery call today.

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