Why is it important to clear your cookies and browser cache?

There are several reasons for regularly clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. While it depends on the settings in use, the browser cache can become vast and consume a substantial amount of disk space on a device.

This can result in slow web browsing, which can impede your work rate. However, a full cache can also cause problems when viewing the latest versions of web pages you have previously visited. In some cases, you may find you’re still looking at older pages that have since been updated.

How can deleting help?

Deleting the cookies and cache data at regular intervals can help you head off issues before they become serious. It can boost web page loading times and ensures that the most recent versions of web pages are loaded, while increasing the general performance of your company computers.

How do your clear your cache and cookies?

It depends on the browser, but it will usually involve going to the Tools or Settings menu.

To clear on Chrome, for example, click on the Tools menu and select History. Next, choose “Clear Browsing Data” from the list on the left side of your screen. Pick the “All Time” time Range and tick the “Cached images” and “Cookies and other site data” boxes. Now select “Clear Data”.

After the process is complete, remember to restart your PC before using your browser.

While good housekeeping can help your PCs operate efficiently, not every company has time to focus on IT issues. Reach out to our team at 127Solutions today for IT support you can count on.