Three quick fixes for slow office internet

An increasing number of apps for office use are now cloud-based, offering many benefits to users, from real-time collaboration with colleagues to auto-save features that avoid work being lost.

However, for this technology to remain effective, a fast internet connection is essential, or workflow can slowly grind to a snail’s pace. In this blog, we’ll look at three quick solutions for slow internet.

1. Connect physically

A wide range of variables can impact Wi-Fi, from thick concrete walls in your office to large metal objects like traditional filing cabinets. Using a direct connection via an ethernet cable can provide your team with a stronger signal and more secure connection, which is entirely unhampered by potential obstructions.

2. Router reboot

Like all technology, a router can sometimes become overloaded with requests, resulting in a slower connection to the internet. Unplug your router from the power outlet and wait for 10 seconds before connecting it up again. After a few minutes, your connection should return, and the problem of overloading and slow performance will hopefully be resolved.

3. Improve Wi-Fi quality

Relocating your router can improve your Wi-Fi signal. Never locate your router in a cupboard or drawer, but keep it in clear view. Ensure it is placed as high off the ground as possible. An extensive selection of equipment is available today that can increase the quality of your Wi-Fi, including mesh systems with multiple base stations and broadband boost technology.

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