How often should you clean your computer?

While there can be many reasons behind a slow or ineffective computer, some can be remedied with simple and practical measures. Keeping computer equipment clean, for instance, can help combat the issue of overheating.

Read on to learn more about this basic but essential maintenance for desktops and laptops alike, and how often it should be performed.

Keeping computers clean

Regular cleaning of a device’s housing and attachments is among the easiest ways to help it run smoothly. Clean the surfaces of company computers, as well as any keyboards, webcams, tablets, or mice used with them. Ensure that all parts and ports are cleaned and pay particular attention to any air vents to reduce the risk of machines becoming overheated.

What should I use to clean my computer equipment?

Never spray harsh chemical or water directly on computers and their accessories. It is vital that the inner components of an electrical device do not get wet.

Instead, employ a pre-dampened microfibre cloth and gently wipe off any dirt or debris, and then dry the devices with a lint-free cloth. Compressed air can also be effective for dispersing dust from tricky to clean areas like vents and keyboards. Specialised LCD screen cleaners or microfibre cloths should be use for monitors.

How often should I clean?

For best results, clean your computer equipment weekly or at least once each month. That way, you’ll benefit from better performance and a sound return on your investment in company equipment.

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