How can you reduce roaming charges for business mobile?

Every successful company is always working to improve its bottom line.

Finding ways to cut costs can be beneficial, but firms must be conscious not to impact their business in negative ways by using inexpensive but inferior options.

Business mobiles are considered key kit for many companies who outfit their teams with the latest smartphone to keep connected. However, when staff are operating off-site, roaming charges can add up to substantial extra costs. This leads some firms to consider instructing staff to use free Wi-Fi options – but there is a better solution.

Why using free Wi-Fi isn’t wise

From hotels and airports to trains and cafes, free Wi-Fi is offered at many locations and on transport to attract custom.

When staff travel, they can use the Wi-Fi without incurring roaming charges while checking emails and accessing apps.

Although using public Wi-Fi can curtail roaming charges, it isn’t the most secure or effective way to operate. Free Wi-Fi lacks security, which can place the data your firm uses and stores at substantial risk. Poorer quality than a private connection, free Wi-Fi can also be slow and unreliable due to its high number of users harming staff performance.

Cut roaming cost while keeping productive and secure

The best way to decrease costs is by pre-planning and choosing a service that lets your staff use all the data they need, without fretting about the price.

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