Why it pays to train your staff in the basics of IT

Statistics show that human error is the root cause of many IT issues.

Simple mistakes can occur due to a loss of focus or negligence but, in many cases, they’re caused by staff being inexperienced of untrained on the best practices and processes to use.

From deleted data to system breaches, the consequences of errors can vary in severity.

Start from day one

To avoid bad habits getting a foothold, start training your staff immediately. Ensure they understand your IT policies, and know their responsibility to follow them. This will vary from company to company, but should cover backing up data, sharing data and secure use of the internet, email accounts and company devices and resources.

It’s understood that the technicality of certain IT systems can be complicated. An IT support service can help you form a policy and explain the best ways to establish it with your existing workforce, along with training new team members.

Continue training

To remain relevant, rules governing use of company technology require periodic updates. As a result, the same law applies to training your team to ensure their knowledge stays in step with the latest best practices.

Managed support

Many SMEs (small to medium businesses) find that support from IT professionals is beneficial to monitor and maintain web hosting, software updates, data storage, devices and servers, to avoid errors by inexperienced employees.

Managed support also positively impacts company productivity, as it leaves in-house teams free to carry out existing and brand-new projects.

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