Why does your business need preventative IT maintenance?

What happens when the technology used at your company stops working?

Imagine your server shuts down, you can’t get into computers, or your internet connection loses its signal. Your staff can’t communicate, recall data to serve customers or process payments and answer enquiries.

Until issues are resolved, your business could grind to a standstill at a loss of productivity, profitability and reputation.

To fix the issue fast, you’ll likely need to pay for an engineer with an emergency call out fee added on top and incur further expense. However, a better solution exists called preventative maintenance.

How does preventative IT maintenance work?

Designed to head off issues early before they become critical situations that impact the running of your business, preventative IT maintenance involves qualified engineers continuously monitoring your technology.

Engineers manage your systems, hardware and software and fix potential problems before they arise.

What does preventative IT maintenance cost?

Fully managed IT services are provided at a fixed rate so you can budget for them.

Additionally, you can decide the level of support you require so you never end up paying for services that you’ll never use. You won’t pay for on-site call outs with a managed service plan, so if an emergency occurs, there will be no extra charge.

If you want to ensure you can count on the technology you use to run your business and avoid interruptions, you can rely on us. Get in touch with our team at 127 Solutions today, and access preventative IT maintenance and peace of mind.