What to do when you accidentally delete an important data file

Perhaps one of the most commonly encountered IT issues for which users seek support is when they have accidentally deleted files. While no one is alone in making this age-old error, it is fortunately one of the easiest to avoid.

Always remember that if it does happen, the best piece of advice is to first look in your device’s recycling bin. However, the best approach is to put a failsafe in place to protect against data loss.

To add extra layers of protection, using software designed to synch your data files to the cloud, like OneDrive and Dropbox, can be highly beneficial. When using these solutions, a copy of your work files is always automatically saved on the cloud. As a result, even if you delete a file accidentally from your computer’s hard drive, you’ll find the most recent version is still able to be retrieved.

However, while deleted files are retrievable from synched files saved to the cloud, data files can still be lost. For instance, cyberattacks sometimes target data stored in the cloud. For this reason, as well as synching, it is wise to also employ automatic cloud IT backup solutions to eliminate any risk of important files being lost permanently.

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