What are the business benefits of using Sleep Mode?

Sleep Mode is a useful power saving state designed to stop all actions on your PC.

When activated, any apps or documents open are moved to the computer’s system memory (RAM) and it enters the low-power state. Like pausing a film on a DVD player, your PC is still on, but will use less power.

Advantages of Sleep Mode

Obviously, using Sleep Mode can help your company save money on energy costs when staff are away from their devices on breaks and lunch, with less power being used to run PCs.

However, it can also help staff be more productive. As machines are not entirely powered off, they start up quicker when your team return to work, getting them up and running faster.

If you experience a technical issue during sleep mode, no work is ever lost, as all files and apps are saved in the RAM. Portable devices like laptops have limited battery life, and sleep mode can stop them using power and remain operable for longer.

Where is the sleep button?

Sleep mode can be activated in different ways, and may depend on your device.

Some keyboards will have a crescent moon icon marked on a key, but all Windows PCs will obey the shortcut command Alt plus F4. Most computers will awake as soon as you tap a key, but others may require you to move your mouse. You may find your work laptop enter sleep mode as soon as you close it.

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