Virgin Media constructs UK’s tallest mobile mast

The village of Glencoe in Scotland is renowned for its mountainous ski resorts, but now it has a new claim to fame.

Telecoms and broadband giant Virgin Media O2 has now built the UK’s highest mobile mast at the location, helping it meet its June 30 deadline for the initial roll-out phase of its Shared Rural Network (SRN).

Up until recently, Glencoe was classed as a partial non-spot, but since the mast went live, it now enjoys access to 4G services.

With an altitude above sea level of 1,108 metres, the mast is now the UK’s highest, and is one of 227 masts constructed as part of phase one of the SRN project.

Virgin Media O2 built the Glencoe mast under sharing agreements, which will see both Vodafone and three mobile customers also benefit from the area’s enhanced 4G coverage.

Chief Technology Officer for Virgin Media O2, Jeanie York, commented that the company was dedicated to bringing dependable mobile connectivity to rural parts of the UK, following the completion of phase one of the SRN roll out. She added:

“Our 227th site at Glencoe is now the highest mast in the UK and one of the most impressive to date, standing over a kilometre above sea level and providing connectivity to the nearby resort. This work is vital in tackling the urban-rural digital divide that exists in the UK.”

The mammoth mast was delivered to the location by helicopter, and is designed to help supply improved mobile coverage to Scotland’s oldest ski resort.