Useful tips to get the best out of your laptop

Light to carry and fully portable, company laptops are an enviable asset for travelling teams and employees who operate from home.

However, to ensure you can rely on them when you need them most, there are a few good habits that are best to adopt from early on.

Remember to unplug your laptop

Many users are unaware that overcharging laptops impacts battery life.

To ensure your laptop stays portable for an extended term, charge it until it hits 100 per cent, then pull the plug.

Resist any temptation to continue charging. Another option is to keep your battery level somewhere between 40 to 80 per cent.

Don’t let your laptop overheat

When laptops must undertake heavy performance tasks, they generate considerable heat.

When you use your device on a desk or on your lap, heat can’t always circulate effectively.

Fortunately, laptop cooler stands fitted with a fan can avoid overheating. However, when possible, try and help your laptop stop overheating by closing any unnecessary browsing tabs and processes, and only use the applications you need for current work.

Handle your laptop with care

While they are designed to be portable, laptops are still delicate devices.

Always handle laptops with care to lower the risk of physical damage. Never place heavy objects on them, and don’t expose them to moisture or extreme temperatures.

A laptop bag with padding or a protective sleeve can help secure them in transit. Finally, avoid stressing its hinges by closing and opening your laptop gently.

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