UK ISP issues Wi-Fi warning for high temperatures

Leading internet service provider (ISP) Virgin Media recently gave a warning to its business and home users concerning the rise in UK temperatures. To avoid broadband blackouts, the ISP is urging its customers to keep their equipment cool to reduce the risk of overheating.

In response to the rapid spike in temperatures, Virgin Media warned that users should check the Wi-Fi router used by their enterprise or home. The ISP commented that to enjoy high broadband performance, it is vital the Wi-Fi router remain cool.

If a router heats up, it not only slows the speed of Wi-Fi, but can even leave users without any internet access. This is because the equipment shuts itself down to assist with cooling, in the same fashion as tablets and iPhones do when they exceed maximum operating temperatures. The power lockdown occurs to prevent serious damage to the router’s components and protect its active service life, which can be shortened considerably by overheating.

Most businesses in the UK depend on a fast and reliable broadband connection to run. While slow internet can impede operations, loss of access can be catastrophic, costing companies financially and potentially harming their reputation when they can no longer serve their customers effectively.

Virgin’s advice to keep routers at the right temperature is to keep them out of direct sunlight with plenty of space around them. They should never be kept in an enclosed space. Keep hubs in a cool space in your office with plenty of ventilation.