UK alt-net celebrates full-fibre milestone

The alternative network (alt-net) builder and GB broadband internet service provider (ISP) toob has been busy rolling out full fibre network around South England. It revealed recently that it has achieved a landmark number (50,000) of customers using its fibre to the premises (FTTP) network. This is a 30,000 increase on toob’s customer base back in 2023.

A Hampshire-based ISP, toob was originally supported by a £75 million injection from the Amber Infrastructure Group, as well as £87.5 million supplied by the Sequoia Economic Infrastructure (SEQI) Income Fund. Last year, the company secured a further £160 million worth of debt financing funding from Ares Management.

Toob aspired originally to cover 1 million homes and businesses throughout parts of Sussex, Dorset, Surrey and Hampshire by 2027, however it’s currently targeting just 300,000 premises.

Full fibre and gigabit capable broadband were once considered coveted luxuries but for businesses across the UK they are now viewed as critical to success. With more firms depending on reliable and rapid internet connections to operate effectively, those struggling with a poor service can fail to compete with their rivals.

While larger network providers like Openreach are deploying FTTP broadband to more populated parts of the country, alt-nets are working to connect more rural locations where quality connectivity is notably lacking.

Toob’s recent success in reaching such a key milestone is despite some challenges, which led it to alter its build strategy and incur some redundancies. The ISP is now celebrating more than doubling its customer base in 2023.