Typical mouse issues and ways to solve them

For many UK office staff, a mouse is still an essential part of the IT equipment they use daily. Simple to use and offering an easy way to navigate screens and interact with files and folders, a mouse can really come in handy. When they stop working, however, or behave in an unexpected manner, it can be not only annoying but impact employee workflow. Below, we look at two common problems and discuss how to fix them.

Why is your mouse acting erratically?

Do you work on a desktop computer? If so, it’s most likely you’re using a device called an optical mechanical mouse. The most common reason for the mouse working erratically is due to dirt building up on the sensor. To fix it, clean the mouse using a sanitiser wipe. If it’s still acting up, then it’s possible it is defective and needs replacing. You can confirm this by plugging it into different computers and seeing if it acts the same way. If it’s battery-powered, check if the batteries simply require replacing before disposal.

Why has your mouse stopped working?

If the mouse you use stops working and isn’t simply frozen, you need to see if it’s connected correctly. For a wired mouse, check its plugged properly into the computer. However, if it’s wireless, ensure the dongle is correctly connected and that both mouse and dongle are switched on. Downloading the most recent driver for your mouse can also be helpful, although in most cases, support software is updated automatically.

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