Troubleshooting your issues with USB drives

USB flash drives, sometimes referred to as memory sticks here in the UK and thumb drives in the US, are useful data storage devices for office use. Combining an integrated USB interface with a flash memory, they are typically rewritable and removable devices ideal for many different applications. These include serving as supplementary back-ups, temporary or long-term storage, and transferring or sharing data files.

Small, fast and with significant capacity, it’s not difficult to see why they have become a popular tool for firms of all shapes and sizes. However, when users experience issues with these devices, they can be tricky to troubleshoot.

Where does the issue exist?

USB drive problems can sometimes be fiddly as they may arise from several locations. The problem may be the USB itself, the computer its connected to or the port that makes this possible. As a result, the first step is always to see if the USB drive will work with other devices. If it functions fine, the issue lies with your computer or its port. If it does not, this indicates the USB drive is the problem.

Fixing common USB problems

When you use a USB drive for the first time, to function efficiently it may need to install drivers, preventing immediate use. It’s also worth checking of an updated version is available for the USB driver you’re using. In most cases, these updates will rectify any hardware errors and return your memory stick to active use.

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