Troubleshooting tips for slow internet

A slow internet connection can be frustrating and reduce productivity. Whether teams are working in the office or remotely, fast internet is a business essential. In this blog, we’ll look at some ways to troubleshoot speed issues.

Router reboot

Like any other machine, a router is susceptible to overloading. When this occurs, internet connections can become slow; a reboot can help. Rebooting a router isn’t difficult, just unplug its cables from the power point for approximately 10 seconds and reconnect them. A few minutes later it should be up to speed once more. Once connected, check for any sign of improvement.

Ethernet cable

Using an ethernet cable can provide a stronger internet connection compared with Wi-Fi, as many variables can impact wireless connectivity, like metal objects and thick walls. Employing an ethernet cable instead can almost guarantee users will receive a more stable connection.

Improving Wi-Fi connections

You might be working remotely from home or in the office. If you are experiencing a poor internet connection, always try moving closer to the router to check if this has any effect.

As mentioned earlier, when a building has thick concrete walls, router signals can suffer from interference. One solution is to install a Wi-Fi mesh system that enables you to install several base stations around your working environment for improved connectivity.

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