The benefits of working with a local IT support team

For growing small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), establishing an internal IT team can sometimes be an unjustifiable expense and a time-consuming endeavour. From the complexities of understanding the skillset you require from potential hires to the costs of paying tax and holidays, in-house IT support isn’t ideal for every operation, and may not even be an option at all.

As a result, many SMEs outsource IT help instead, which allows them to focus on expansion and receive expert assistance as and when they need it. Outsourcing also gives companies access to larger IT teams with a wide variety of specialist expertise, while only paying for a single service. This can include ongoing support and solutions, but also immediate assistance on site when an emergency occurs.

While there are numerous large national companies supplying IT support to firms regardless of where they are based, and virtual services which aid remotely, these options are not without their limitations.

Today, we’ll examine some of the advantages of picking an IT provider that is local to your site, as well as looking at the type of technical help they can provide.

Support on-site whenever required

The ability to access on-site support is a service option that should not be undervalued. Although it’s true that today many technical issues can be quickly remedied remotely, there will always be IT problems that require a hands-on visit form a professional.

Many people find that it can be easier to show your IT support the nature of a technical difficulty you’re experiencing rather than attempting to explain it via email or in a phone conversation. This can be especially true when an issue is a complex and you have limited knowledge of IT.

When such an incident occurs, having access to IT support technicians in your local area becomes a massive bonus. With your IT support team in proximity, you will find assistance arrives far faster, which mean that your enterprise can get back up and running swiftly. This means less system downtime, reduced disruption to the services you provide, and decreased loss of productivity and profitability.

More personalised IT services

Many outsourced international and national IT support companies will only provide blanket services across a broad customer base. As a result, many enterprises who sign up with them find that they are paying for several services that they don’t necessarily require, while other firms find that they need more advanced solutions than those provided. Regardless of which scenario occurs, the money spent on a major provider could often be spent better elsewhere.

In comparison, a local IT provider will commonly deliver tailored services, ensuring that an enterprise is just offered the solutions it requires to run efficiently and safely. Local IT support firms take the time to understand your business in greater detail and are focused on building lasting relationships with a smaller number of clients that they can provide high quality support to. Working with a more personalised approach local experts can work alongside your firm and make bespoke recommendations to make sure that you are getting the right systems, software, hardware, and level of service you require.

Equipped with local knowledge

A final benefit of using a local IT solutions provider is that they will have a better understanding of your local community. As a result, they will also have a greater appreciation of the individual business challenges your firm is facing.

For example, when it comes to then issue of disaster recovery, they can provide your enterprise with an immediate advantage. When a company is sited in an area that is prone to issues such as flooding, local IT providers can prepare its IT systems better and can react faster when a flood occurs. Under such circumstances, the local knowledge of an IT support team is far more useful to ensure your business remains resilient than a virtual or national provider.

Do you need local IT services and support you can count on?

Headquartered in Hooton, Cheshire, we deliver a one-stop shop for IT solutions, support, and services, focusing on supplying lasting solutions as opposed to quick temporary fixes that benefit our clients.

With a strong understanding of the constant demands and challenges of running a business, we can manage your IT needs so you can spend more time doing what you do best – growing your business. Serving a wide range of SMEs across the northwest and beyond, you can rely on our in-depth knowledge of the area and a rapid response when you need us most.

While in many cases we can solve IT issue remotely, if you require a team onsite for technical help, we are never far away. We offer a comprehensive support package that ensures there are no additional call-out charges when such circumstances occur.

For a local IT service you can trust, reach out to us here at 127 Solutions to discuss the best level of support for your firm.