The benefits of a website and domain hosting service

Arranging website hosting and domain registration are essential processes for any modern business. When they are mismanaged, however, this can cause chaos for companies. For instance, if you select an incorrect hosting option, you could be in breach of GDPR, and if you forget to renew your domain, you could lose the right to use it entirely. Fortunately today, professional services are accessible for hosting and domains.

Professional support

Using a managed service relieves any unwanted stress on you as a business owner. Expert services can host a firm’s site and renew the domain automatically on their behalf. However, they can help with far more than these minimum requirements upon request. If a company has an existing domain and website that requires transferring, they can handle this often complex process. They can also register a new domain when required.

To ensure firms maintain a professional appearance, business emails connected to their domain are crucial. Service will set up business email accounts for the company’s domain, and can offer support when email issues occur, when staff members leave, or when new people join.

Proactively managing

Services can manage a firm’s website through their domain name server (DNS). This enables them to monitor the site for errors and threats, ensuring it remains secure from cyberattacks, and that any issues which occur are quickly fixed before they impede company processes.

At 127 Solutions, we offer a selection of different support packages, so you can access the help you need. Contact our team now to discuss our website hosting and domain service.